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Waiting for her first period

The beginning of puberty for a girl and her entering to the women’s world, peaks with the first period. If you try to remember your reaction the first time you had your period, you will understand that your daughter will probably not see this change positively. So your role is crucial at this stage. But how would it be advisable to talk to her about such an issue, and when would the right time be?

Usually, the first period occurs at the age of 13-15 years (+/- 2 years, depending on the rate of development of each girl). Thus, it is good to talk to her quite early, even before the first occurrence, so as to be prepared.

A discussion about period is rather uncomfortable for both you and your girl. So it’s better to introduce the subject gradually: You could start by talking first about her body, then continue with the changes that will occur in it, then for personal hygiene topics and, finally, the period.

The earlier you start the conversation, the more helpful it will be for her. It will take, of course, more than one discussions, which will be repeated and enriched every time, as your daughter grows. This will give her the opportunity to gradually realize her nature and to make questions in which you will be asked to answer. It is important to answer openly and honestly to everything she asks. Only this way will she feel comfortable with her body and the changes that will happen to it, building at the same time a trustworthy relationship with you.

It will be very helpful to share with her some practical advice, as well as your own experiences. This way, she will come closer and feel more comfortable with you, as she is now a woman, just like you. Finally, it is important to highlight that, despite her fears, she should feel proud, since the start of the period is something entirely normal. At the same time, it is an important event in her life, since it marks the entrance into adulthood and is directly related to the ability of childbearing.

And because you never know when the first period will come, it is wise to advise her to carry with her pantyliners and 2-3 sanitary napkins, so as to be prepared even when she is out of home. Both EveryDay pantyliners and pads come individually packed, to ensure excellent product hygiene. Thus, she can carry them with her and be ready no matter what!

In collaboration with Dr Olga. E. Bikou, Obstetrician-Surgeon-Gynaecologist

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