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Your little girl becomes a woman

Until a few months ago, your little girl was smiling carefree and wandered inside the house. Filling the room with cheerful children’s songs, she used to looking for you constantly, calling you “Mommy” and kissing you goodnight. But now she looks more distant, and her behavior has become more abrupt, while her body is starting to change … Why is all this happening? I guess your little girl is changing into a woman!

Try to understand…

At this point, the changes occurring in her body and in her emotional world are so many. Your little girl gradually leaves behind childhood and heads towards adulthood. This is a very important transition in her life, as it makes her feel insecure and afraid, because everything she experiences is new.

Try to remember…

Many parents often find it difficult to respond to these new circumstances, be honest and not unfair. The behavior of a teenager, as she begins to explore aspects of her adult nature, is at least unpredictable and many parents find it difficult not only to cope, but to reconcile with the idea that now their role as parents of a potential adult, will be eventually limited. Now, however, she needs you more than ever, since your knowledge and experience will reassure her and help her to give answers to all the things that concern her. Therefore try to remember how you felt when you were at her age, give her room to discover her new self and stand discretely by her side during in this fascinating journey into the women’s world.

Gain her trust…

In order for your little girl to understand what is happening to her body, as she leaves behind childhood, and not feel anxiety and shame about all these changes, it is very important to build confidence between you. Having in mind that the teenager is neither a child nor an adult, you should make her feel comfortable around you and make her understand that she can ask anything that worries her, without fearing that she will be mocked or scolded.

In collaboration with Dr Olga. E. Bikou, Obstetrician-Surgeon-Gynaecologist

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