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1. These Website Terms and Conditions constitute the terms and conditions of use of the herein webpage, which was created and belongs to the Company with the trade name MEGA DISPOSABLES S.A. (hereinafter “Company”), whose registered office is at Acharnes, Attiki (148, Dekelias str.). The users of the current website are advised to read carefully the herein terms and conditions before they proceed. In case the user has any objection to any of these Website Terms and Conditions, the user must not proceed to using this Website. 

2. Only adults have the right of access and use of this Website, i.e. people over 18 years old.

3. We direct the users’ attention to the following: (a) the posting of Website content related to company’s products does not constitute prompting, advice or incitement of any action related to a financial result, proposal for the framework of any kind of agreement or guarantee that these products are available, totally or partially, (b) the informative material which is available through the herein website is not necessarily accurate or up-to-date, whereas it is possible for it not to be completely updated until the moment of access, or to have been subject to alterations or insertions by third parties without the Company’s knowledge or consent, and (c) the users are advised and encouraged to confirm the accuracy, thoroughness and up-to-date status of every information which is provided through the current website.

4. The use of the herein website should be conducted exclusively for legal purposes and in a way that does not limit or prevent its use by third parties. The user is obliged to act according to the law, the fair practice and the herein terms of use and not proceed to actions or omissions that might cause damage or malfunction of the website or alter its content. Actions that come in conflict with the above are considered indicatively, but not limited to, the following:

*The violation of any right related to the Company’s or third parties’ intellectual property.

*The obstruction of functioning or access of visitors to Company’s website

*The cause of damage to any third party.

*The installation, publishment, promotion or transfer of viruses or malicious software in or through the current website.

5. The Company does not guarantee the workmanship, availability or security of the website, its use or the access to it. The users are advised and expected, with their responsibility, to take all the necessary security measures of safety and system integrity.

6. The content of the website is protected by Company’s or third parties’ intellectual property rights (indicatively: trademarks, texts, graphics, images etc). The trademarks which appear in the website belong exclusively to the Company and any kind of use without the Company’s written approval is strictly forbidden. Moreover, without the Company’s written approval, the completion or partial duplication, modification, re-publishing, reproduction, transmition or through any other way exploitation of elements from the herein website content are strictly forbidden, expressly excluding merely the individual copying, saving or republishing of the above elements, under the condition that the indication of this website as a source will not be eliminated and that these elements will not be used for commercial purposes. Furthermore, the alteration or corruption of security settings, architecture or layout of the website or the cause of any kind of interference in the use or the technical specifications, on behalf of any user, is also forbidden.

7. Maintenance work is required to be regularly conducted, in order for the website to function smoothly and be updated on regular basis, which might make the use of the herein website impossible for as long as this work lasts. It is explicitly recognized by the users of this website that the Company bears no responsibility for the users’ unsuccessful access to the herein website, due to the above mentioned reasons or/and due to its interruption by the Company for any other reason and the Company is not obliged to proceed to previous relative notification to the users’ of the herein website.

8. The current website is possible to contain links to third parties’ websites for the facilitation and information of the user, which the user is advised to read carefully during his/her visit to them. Any other possible link of the current website through special linkage (links, hyperlinks, banners etc) to any other website does not entail the attribution of responsibility, on behalf of the Company, for the content of this other website, the quality of its products or services that are presented as well as the policy that this website adopts for the protection of personal data.

9. Without prejudice to possible special references of the current terms, the Company’s possible liability will be limited to actions or omissions by the Company itself or the added to it within the framework of the current, owing to fraud or serious negligence. The users of the herein website bear responsibility towards the company for any possible damage that might be caused to the Company or/and to any other third party, as a result of their non-compliance with the current terms.

10. The herein Terms of Use of the website are governed by the Greek law, and any related disputes arising shall be referred to the exclusive competence of courts of Athens.

11. As regards the protection of Personal Data and possible utilization of them in the context of the herein website, the relevant Personal Data Protection Policy applies, as uploaded in the herein website. Please refer to the above mentioned link for further details.

12. The current website uses cookies, aiming to facilitate its use. Most of the browsers are initially programmed to accept cookies. At any time, you can set your browser to accept all cookies, some cookies or no cookies. In the last case, you will deactivate the use of some part of the websites. Additionally, you can set your preferences in your browser in a way so as to be informed every time a cookie is saved in your device. Please note that in case you deactivate the cookies, it is possible that you will not have the best possible, ordinary use of the website. For more information, please visit: CookiesPolicy.

13. The use of the current website requires and entails the acceptance of the current terms as a whole, including the concerning existing Personal Data Protection Policy and Cookies Policy. The Company may proceed at any time with the amendment of the current terms, including the above Polices, and every amendment will apply from the date that it has been posted on the current website. As a result the users are advised to check the current terms of use regularly, in order to be informed for possible changes and, in case they continue to use the website, it is presumed that they have accepted the amended terms of use. At the end of the terms of use the date of their last update is mentioned.

14. In case the user has any query or question regarding the current website or wishes to communicate with the Company for any reason, he/she may be addressed to the following contact details: [email protected]

Last update: 23/4/2020