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Do you know why 8 out of 10* women, who prefer Sensitive protection, they choose EveryDay?

• Because… EveryDay Sensitive pads are the first Sensitive pads. After several consumer researches and skin friendliness laboratory studies, both in Greece and abroad, EveryDay Sensitive have been specially designed in order to fully meet the special care needs of sensitive skin.
• Because… EveryDay Sensitive pads feature a uniquely dry, hygienic top sheet, made of textile that contains cotton, which is not just soft, but really skin friendly.
• Because… thanks to their highly absorbent core, they effectively retain humidity, thus protecting from leakage.
• Because… they are an advanced product, ensuring complete Sensitive protection and dryness!

*Source: IRI, Total Greece, Share of Volume Sales within Sensitive in % (2013 – 2018)

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Certified Sensitive protection!

All EveryDay products possess important quality certifications. Besides EveryDay are the first pads to be recommended by the Greek Union of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

They are also certified for absence of harmful substances, according to the international certification standard OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, which ensures a considerably higher level of security than the one defined by law.

Learn more about the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification here

Advanced Sensitive design

EveryDay Sensitive with cotton pads, unlike other Sensitive pads, they don’t just have a soft top sheet, but a really skin friendly top sheet, made of textile that contains cotton. Moreover, the complete protection they offer is the result of an innovative design that includes not 1 but 3 protective layers!

1. A uniquely dry top sheet made of textile that contains cottonwhich unlike common plastic top sheets is made of fibres.
2. A distribution layer… placed underneath the top sheet made of textile, which distributes moisture really fast, so that the upper layer remains dry.
3. A highly absorbent corethat quickly absorbs moisture and distributes it along the pad, hence utilizing the absorbing capacity of the whole core.

Every woman is unique and special …

… this is why she needs specialized products that are specially designed in order to effectively meet her care needs.

EveryDay Sensitive with cotton consists of a complete range of products, in terms of sizes. Besides standard sizes (Normal, Super, Maxi Night) EveryDay Sensitive with cotton range also includes special types, such as Mini and XL, in order to cover all cases, from very light to very heavy flow.

Learn more about the complete range of EveryDay Sensitive with cotton pads here

EveryDay Sensitive with cotton. The No1 Sensitive pad.


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