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For MEGA, Corporate Responsibility is a key component of its corporate culture and a vital part of its business. We create personal care products, trusted by thousands of families, listen carefully and seek to stand by the consumer, the customer and the employee. Furthermore, as an industrial unit, we always operate with respect to the environment. Our vision is business development, innovation, and competitiveness to conform with social good, responsible business and sustainable development, always having as a “lighthouse” our values Respect, Integrity, Responsibility, which are inherent to all our partnerships.

Acts of caring for the marketplace

We develop quality products that answer to the needs of even the most demanding consumers. We have as key priorities transparency, ethical business behavior and improvement of the industry.

Acts of caring for the society

Our primary concern is to return to society the love and care we have been receiving for 4 decades now. With a sense of responsibility towards the community, we are close to the people in need by investing substantially and steadily in social actions and programs in cooperation with recognized institutions and NGO’s.

Acts of caring for our people

Since the founding of MEGA, we relied and continue to rely on our people, considering them as the most important and the most valuable asset of our company. We created a working environment that is fair, ensures the appropriate working conditions and can enhance, as well as develop, our people’s skills, turning them into collaborators of corporate goals. Our primary concern is the continuous attention of our employees’ health and safety. Therefore, we have adopted specific policies, ongoing actions and programs.

Acts of caring for the environment

In the “heart” of our strategy for sustainable development is our commitment to produce our products with the least possible environmental impact. We plan, invest and work systematically to make the operation of our industrial unit more environmentally friendly. Our goals are primarily focused on energy savings, on responsible use of natural resources and on the integration of sustainable development principles to these decisions and our procedures.


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