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For MEGA, it is not enough if a personal hygiene product only offers effective protection. Our aim is to combine top performance with excellent skin – friendly properties.

Within the framework of designing products with unique skin – friendly properties, our company has tested a great number of materials, concluding to nature due to the undeniable pure care it offers.

Out of all the materials that could be used in the design of personal hygiene products, cotton is the most skin-friendly material. Naturally soft, hypo-allergenic, compatible and well-tolerated even by the most sensitive skin, it really brings pure and natural care in contact with your skin.

MEGA has incorporated the ultimate skin friendly properties of cotton to some of its products. Hence it has introduced the All Cotton Concept, offering unique skin friendly protection to consumers.

As opposed to other branded pantyliners, with synthetic topsheets, EveryDay All-Cotton pantyliners have a 100% cotton topsheet, hence being the ultimate hygienic choice.

Thanks to their uniquely soft and hygienic topsheet, which is not “cotton – like” or “cotton – soft” but made from 100% real cotton, EveryDay All Cotton pantyliners bring, on a daily basis, the purity of nature in contact with your skin.

Moreover, thanks to their individual wrapping – yet another unique innovation incorporated to EveryDay pantyliners – they remain hygienically protected, while you can always carry them with you, wherever you are, for a unique feeling of cleanliness, hygienic care and freshness, every moment of the day.

Trust in this unique hygienic care proposal is evidenced by the 1st place that Greek female consumers have been consequently attributing to EveryDay pantyliners, all these years.

All Cotton Concept adds value to consumers, while it offers a tangible proof of MEGA’s primary concern to design personal hygiene products with “maximum skin friendliness” as a dominant characteristic.


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