Period Calendar

The period calendar is a smart and effective way that will help her monitor her period and study her body and its “rhythm”.

In the period calendar, she can mark when her last period started and stopped, any symptoms observed, both during and between two successive periods, e.g. cramps, headaches, changes in blood flow, changes in her mood, or any other symptoms that can be related to the period.

This way, she will get to know her cycle better, be able to learn what are the peculiarities and thus be well prepared. In addition, she will be able to tell what symptoms are normal and which would need the attention of a gynaecologist.

An easy way for you to help your little girl calculate when her next period should be expected is EveryDay period tracker.


In collaboration with Dr Olga. E. Bikou, Obstetrician-Surgeon-Gynaecologist


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