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Learning to control my feelings

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Anger: A bad advisor

Vasiliki Dimitrakopoulou


During puberty you go through several emotional extremes, feeling happy one moment, depressed or angry the next.  These changes in mood, are often due to the sudden increase of hormone levels in your body.

Anger is a normal reaction, as you try to deal with your emotions. You may rebel against social rules and restrictions, even against your parents. You may also contradict your friends and boyfriend’s opinion and their behaviors. Disagreements and juxtapositions are very important in understanding each other and communicating our feelings. However, knowing the art of agreeing to disagree is definitely an advantage.

One basic tip to disagree in the right way, is not to use verbal abuse and offend the other person. By controlling yourself not to offend the other person, you protect both your interests. If you feel like losing control instead of releasing your anger verbally, try to say “I would like to be left alone for a while”.

Also remember never to use physical violence. It is totally unacceptable and you end up losing your argument. Some people can be threatening without forcing physical violence, however it’s practically  the same as physical violence. Take a “timeout” during a dispute, step away and give yourself time to calm down.

All teenagers experience negative emotions and feel that others do not understand them,but not all of them break up their relationships. Staying calm will help you see things more objectively. In this way you protect yourself from making the wrong choices that can hurt or harm others, while you gain their admiration by being mature.

Vassiliki Dimitrakopoulou

Psychologist, Scientific Associate of the Greek Society of Adolescent Medicine

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