Surely you have many times wondered whether the daily use of a sanitary pad (pantyliner) could cause problems to your intimate are, while it is almost certain that you have repeatedly heard people linking the usage of such pads with infections and irritations.

This is a myth!

Pantyliners, if changed regularly, not only do they not favour infections, but on the contrary, they contribute to the improvement of the intimate area’s hygiene, since the possibility of frequent changes, ensures cleanliness and freshness, at any time.

If pantyliners are used daily, it is better if they have a skin friendly top sheet. Only EveryDay All Cotton pantyliners  have a cover made of 100% cotton, thus offering you a 100% natural touch and hygienic protection. Moreover, they are dermatologically tested, the first to be recommended by the Greek Union of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians and also Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified for absence of harmful substances (

Finally, thanks to their individual wrapping, you can always carry them with you in your purse, so that you feel secure, fresh and naturally protected, wherever you are.


In collaboration with Dr Olga. E. Bikou, Obstetrician-Surgeon-Gynaecologist


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