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Learning to control my feelings

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Being responsible

Being responsible: How to make right from wrong

Vasiliki Dimitrakopoulou


During adolescence, teens tend to overreact to any form of power: parents, teachers, society in general. However, at this age, you start becoming more mature: You develop your critical ability in order to balance you emotions, that often make you act impulsively.

Being mature means being responsible, not only to your companion, but also to your family, your friends and yourself. Responsibility includes a sense of morality, which means that it is very important to be clear on what defines an honest and polite behavior. Once you act irresponsibly, you’ll be overwhelmed by feelings of shame and guilt.

Try to gain your parents confidence. Usually, parents give children more freedom as they start learning to trust them. Make sure to keep your promises, so you’ll never lose their trust. Having your parents by your side, you feel stronger and more secure.

Being responsible doesn’t mean thinking about oneself all the time. Think about:

• The consequences of your actions

• Other people’s feelings before your own

• Treat others as you would want them to treat you and act accordingly

• How to gain more self-discipline


Think before you act and try to imagine how the other person might feel. To act maturely it is important to:

• Control your anger and behave in a peaceful manner

• Praise when someone’s doing the right thing

• Be patient

• Be provident

• Keep your promises

• Take good advice

•Admit your mistakes

Remember that by being responsible, you gain people’s respect, whereas, in the long run, reckless behavior leads to problems.

Vassiliki Dimitrakopoulou

Psychologist, Scientific Associate of the Greek Society of Adolescent Medicine

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