Welcome to puberty

Welcome to puberty… one of the most important phases of your life!

Puberty is a fascinating journey from being a girl to becoming a woman. A time full of new ideas, challenges, enthusiasm and strong emotions. A new life is ahead of you!

Can you really think of something more creative than this transitional phase of growth and personality progress?

There are three puberty stages:

  1. The initial stage (from 11 to 14)
  2. The intermediate stage (from 14 to 17)
  3. The final stage (from 17 to 20)

Puberty starts with the physical growth and continues with emotional and social development, as well as your sexual maturation.

What does this mean?

  • Getting taller
  • Your breasts grow
  • Your hips and waist are becoming more feminine
  • You get hair growing on your legs, underarms and sensitive area
  • You start to notice some vaginal discharge in your underwear

Your psychology also changes:

  • You often feel conflicting emotions (anxiety or embarrassment on one hand, passion and enthusiasm on the other)
  • You begin to have insecurities about your body
  • You become more sensitive
  • You get more easily upset and irritated
  • You think no one understands you
  • You start discovering your first sexual feelings

It goes without saying that all these are perfectly normal and you should not be worried. It is also important to know that you are not alone…

EveryDay is here to answer all your questions!


In collaboration with Dr Olga. E. Bikou, Obstetrician-Surgeon-Gynaecologist

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