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The hygiene of the intimate area

The intimate area needs daily care and thorough cleansing. Especially during pregnancy, it is very important to choose skin friendly products that care for the skin.

1. Intim wash for the intimate area: Sweat, urine and other vaginal secretions create an environment in which, if one is not careful enough, infections may be created. For the cleaning of the intimate area, many women only use only water which has of course cleaning properties, but it does not protect the natural balance of the intimate area. Therefore, it is important to choose cleansing products with natural ingredients, which are specially designed for the cleaning and care of the intimate area. The intim wash for the intimate area EveryDay Natural Fresh, thanks to its unique combination of beneficial natural ingredients, cleanses gently, while leaving a discreet fresh scent.

2. Soft wet wipes for the hygiene of women’s intimate area. It is very important when we go to the toilet to wipe yourself from the front to the back. Otherwise, there is a risk to transfer intestinal bacteria to the vaginal area. Thorough cleaning of the sensitive area is essential for good gynecological health at any age and at any phase of life. The wet wipes for the hygiene of women’s intimate area EveryDay Fresh, with aloe extract and chamomile, cleanse gently and offer a unique sense of freshness while helping you maintain the normal pH of the sensitive area.

3. Pantyliners: The selection of suitable underwear is very important for maintaining good hygiene of the intimate area. Cotton underwear, unlike synthetic, allow the skin to breathe and thus prevent from the development of high temperature, which in combination with the friction exerted on the intimate area, could create an environment conducive to irritations and infections. But if some days you do not want to part with your synthetic underwear, you can use pantyliners. Pantyliners, if changed often, contribute to the improvement of the health of the sensitive area. Since they come in contact with the skin for long, it is important to have materials that are friendly to the skin and offer protection from irritation. EveryDay All Cotton pantyliners  are the only ones with top sheet from 100% natural So they offer hygienic protection while bringing the daily care of nature in contact with your skin. In cases of intense vaginal discharges or light incontinence, we suggest you try the pantyliners EveryDay All Cotton Extra Long  which are extra long, and thanks to their absorbent fibers, they hold a higher amount of moisture, while contributing to the reductions of odors.

In this way, you ensure hygienic protection to the intimate area, while caring for you and your baby in the most natural way.

In collaboration with Dr Olga. E. Bikou, Obstetrician-Surgeon-Gynaecologist

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