As the menopause is a natural biological procedure, it usually occurs around the age of 50-52 years old.
One of the common symptoms is hot flashes, which usually occur in the upper body, with redness and intense perspiration and do not last more than 1-2 minutes at a time. Specifically the flashes can also occur during the cold months of winter.

Other symptoms of menopause are:

  1. Atrophy in the internal sexual organs.
  2. Vaginal dryness.
  3. Loss of libido.
  4. Osteoporosis, without any chemical change in the composure of the bones.
  5. Increase of cardiovascular incidents.
  6. Thinning of the skin, dryness and loss of elasticity.

Rarely, we can have:

  1. Headaches.
  2. Palpitation.
  3. Joint and muscle pain.
  4. Cramps.
  5. Insomnia.
  6. Bad mood.

Such symptoms should not worry you. They are totally normal. Usually, they are caused by the reduction of estrogen, the main female hormones, and happen to almost all women going through that stage, at a rate of an 80%.


In collaboration with Dr Olga. E. Bikou, Obstetrician-Surgeon-Gynaecologist


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