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When is the right age to start having sex?

Sexual attraction, romanticism and sexual desire usually begin in puberty. This happens due to teenage sexual hormones. These hormones exist in your body since birth, however their levels are highly increased during puberty. Sexual desire “wakes up” and you feel the need to discover it. And here comes the question: “When is the right age to start having sex?” Remember there is no need to rush. Sexual contact with the right person, at the right time is a major lifetime event, therefore you should be careful there are no repercussions that will follow you for the rest of your life.

10 wrong reasons to start having sex:

  1. To imitate my friends
  2. My boyfriend pressures me
  3. As a reaction against my parents
  4. To feel like an adult
  5. Out of curiosity
  6. To be accepted by my friends
  7. Because I feel insecurity and afraid to lose my boyfriend
  8. Being bored, wanting to try something different
  9. Because I cannot say “no”
  10. Because everyone does it

A girl’s personality matters to boys. Friendship between boys and girls is more important than having sex. Remember to think before you act, considering your feelings. That’s what “being mature” means.

–   What makes you feel comfortable?

–   What you consider to be right?

–    When would you say “no”?

–    What would make you feel if others take advantage of you?

–    What would make you feel shame or guilt?

What if your boyfriend ended your relationship after having sex with you? How would that make you feel?

In puberty, you tend to act impulsively. As you grow up, you become more mature and so does the cognitive part of your brain.

When the time comes:

• Get information on contraceptive methods from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)

• Never have sex without the use of condom

Vassiliki Dimitrakopoulou

Psychologist, Scientific Associate of the Greek Society of Adolescent Medicine

Artemis Tsitsika

Ass. Professor of Pediatrics - Adolescent Medicine

Scientific Coordinator of the Program "PROLEPSIS» ran by the Greek Society of Adolescent Medicine

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